Phentermine 37.5

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Phentermine 37.5 mg is a prescription drug which is used to lose unwanted body weight. It is recommended ideally for obese people and needs medical supervision. It is of vital importance that the users of this medicine eat adequate quantity of food. A study done by Medline Plus indicates that the lowest recommended calorie intake on a daily basis for women is 1200 and for men is 1500. It is important that while using this medication and maintaining a healthy diet plan the patient keeps an eye on the amount of calorie intake and meets the medically approved numbers. On the other hand, eating solid food should not disregard the intake of fluids such as water and fruit juices. It is essential that the users keep themselves hydrated by having lots of water and fruit juices like cranberry juice, orange juice instead of having soft drinks like Cola and Pepsi which dehydrate the body.

There are a lot of reasons which cause obesity. The one which is the most prominent worldwide is unbalanced diet, it leads to intake of excessive calories and when these extra calories are not burned they get accumulated in body as fat. Another reason is popularity of fast food, most of the children love fast food and they get a habit of eating junk food or fast food which mostly contains fried food stuff. This is the major reason which causes obesity in kids. One more reason is the lifestyle which most people follow, after a long day of sitting in office, an average man comes home exhausted and eat food and do rest, and this routine continues. There is no work out or exercise done. When obesity start causing problem then the urge to loose fat comes and a drug named Phentermine 37.5 is widely used to shed away the weight. Phentermine is a very strong drug and is approved by food and drug administration. Phentermine pills is actually an appetite suppressant which follows a unique mechanism to alter the release of message passer neurotransmitters to brain, that make the brain know when the body needs food. So in this way loss in appetite becomes the reason for less food intake, hence the weight is lost.